Fast 250 Pump Pro Plus

Fast 250 Pump Pro Plus
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It is the ideal fogging system to protect small /medium areas like shops, homes, garages. When the machine is triggered it shoots for the seconds set, when the bag is empty you just replace it with a new one in a very easy way. The fluid bag covers 250 m3 in 30 seconds. It is prearranged to an easy wall installation and it has a lower compartment to eventually equip boards or accessories.

Why to choose UR FOG fogging security systems

Speed of fog ejection and fog density are the most important features as it is needed to impede visibility in the area in a few seconds. UR FOG has a proprietary technology that grants an extraordinary protection as well as many other peculiarities that make your fogging system the safest and most secure.

Fast fog cannon system

The fastest fog generators in the world

Up to 50m3 per second to completely fill any kind of space in a few seconds.

Double Fog cannon Celinder

Double fog cylinder

One of our patent and the best way to emit fog, thanks to the automatic switch between the first and the second cylinder when the first one is empty. They are disposable and easy to exchange.

Fast fog system

Low power consumption

The perfect thermal insulation allows to reduce power consumption and also to save energy.

Smart bus protocol

Standard communication protocol

A serial bus allows to add to each UR Fog system additional boards for an easier interface with all alarm central.

Secure and Certificated alarm fogging systems

Safe and certificated

UR Fog fogging systems are certified according to the European standards, the fog fluid is tested and absolutely safe for people, animals, objects and doesn’t leave any residual.

Fast fog system

The densest fog

The innovative formula of the fog fluid with a high percentage of glycol ensures a really dense fog.

Fast fog system

Fluid bag

Disposable recharge, really easy to exchange, with a very competitive price.

Fast fogging systems

Long lasting operation time without mains

The innovative thermal insulation of the heater allows to UR Fog systems to work for long time without mains power: from 1,5 h to 3,5h!

Nozzle Tamper

Nozzle Tamper

Exclusive patented system that allows to detect automatically if the nozzle have been obstructed, by sending a signal in case of tampering.

Patented fog cannon

Innovative performance and technology

UR Fog systems are innovative in performances and technology in order to guarantee the most effective protection against thefts.





It is necessary to impede visibility in the area in few seconds or fogging system application will not be useful. Fogging systems are not all the same, many of them are useless because they eject fog too slowly and the fog is not dense enough and it vanishes in few minutes. That is why you need to choose UR Fog.

Low power consumption and very good insulation allow machines to work for a lengthy time in absence of mains power, from 1,5 up to 5 hours. Generally, other fogging systems cannot work even 30 minutes without mains power. Be careful while choosing what to buy!

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