DJI INSPIRE 1 - Battery Heater

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Tech Spec Recommended Usage Temperature: -20 ° C to 5 ° C Heating Range: 30° C± 5 ° C Power: no more than 41.5W Input Voltage: 18-26.1V, DC Input Amperage: no more than 1.6A Dimension: 62mm x 99mm x 115mm
The performance of your Inspire 1’s Intelligent Flight Battery is subject to environmental factors. Low temperature will have adverse effect on the performance of Inspire 1 Intelligent Flight Battery. The Inspire 1 Battery Heater helps to exert the optimum battery performance by heating the battery to a more suitable temperature (above 5 ° C) before flight, enable the users flying their Inspire 1 in a more reliable way. Insert the Intelligent Flight battery into the Battery Heater compartment before take-off, as it requires a tiny proportion of power from the flight battery to pre-heat.
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