PolarPro Mavic Cinema Series-SHUTTER Collection (ND8, ND16, ND32)

3-Stop Neutral Density Filter (ND8) (1.05g): The ND8 filter is what we use on partly cloudy to mildly sunny days where we need to knock the shutter down by 3 f-stops to achieve a shutter speed of 1/60th. 4-Stop Neutral Density Filter (ND16) (1.05g): The ND16 filter is what we use on very bright days to reduce shutter speed by 4 f-stops. We generally use the ND16 filter while filming in the desert or over snow. 5-Stop Neutral Density Filter (ND32) (1.05g): On extremely bright days, the ND32 reduces the camera's shutter speed by 5 f-stops. getting shutter speed near 1/60th - 1/50th, allowing you to capture cinematic quality content even in the brightest conditions.
Engineered specifically for the DJI Mavic Pro (fits Pro and Platinum only) Cinema Series multi-coated glass for pristine optics Feather-light design for smooth gimbal operation Includes ND8, ND16 and ND32 filters Special edition anodized aluminum frame Filter can be left on during Mavic startup Lifetime Warranty
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